A MUST READ: How To Grow Your Hair Using Baking Soda

There are many benefits of baking soda. Among them, there are different beauty recipes for skin and hair. Is this white powder, that we used to apply for washing surfaces and adding to dough, really able to increase hair growth?

Benefits of baking soda for hair
Baking soda is an abrasive, that make your hair clean. And still it can be used, but with some additional components.
The most common recipe: To add more volume you can simply mix your favorite shampoo with a pinch of baking soda for hair wash.
While using the suggested natural kinds of home-made shampoos, the most wierd thing is that there is no lather. Take it easy and do not scrub scalp skin too much.

Shampoo from baking soda for hair growth
Mix soda with water in the proportion 1:3. You can change the amount depending on your hair length. Apply the misture to the scalp skin first, and then down the hair. Do not rub ends.Wait for a couple of minutes and wash off with warm water. Prepare a mixture of apple vinegar and water in the proportion 1:4. Add your favourite oils to cover the vinegar smell. In this case, vinegar plays a role of hair conditioner. Instead of vinegar lemon juice can be used.Add the mixture to your hair closing your eyes tightly. Make sure all the hair is wet.Wash off with cold water. It will make your hair super shiny.

Using baking soda for hair growth is not a proven fact, but it cleans really well.
Soda has also an ability to wash off chlorine. So if you spent a lot of time in the swimming pool, it will come in handy. Mix some dish soap and baking soda, wash the hair and use a good conditioner or mask.
If you notice that your hair condition turns worse, stop using baking soda in hair at once. Try using soda once a week for a month and you will see the result or its absence.

Home-made dry shampoo
Baking soda for hair wash can also be used in the form of dry shampoo. It is very fast, cheap and convenient. It helps to control the hair oil and always have a perfect look.
Only one ingredient is needed!
Put your head upside down over the bath or washbasin.Take a pinch of baking soda and distribute with your fingers on the hair roots.In several minutes take away the soda from your hair with the help of fingers and comb.Style your hair as usual.

Baking soda and coconut oil scalp scrub
One of the best recipes of baking soda for hair is using it with the best natural oil for hair – coconut oil. It compensates the rude effect of soda to your skin. Note that this scrub can be used on the face and body as well.
For scrub you will need:
1,5-2 tbsp of coconut oil2 tsp of baking sodayour favorite aroma oils
Melt coconut oil if needed, add baking soda and mix well. Put some drops of aroma oils and mix up again. Apply the mixture to the scalp with massage movements, rinse off with warm water diligently.
Baking soda uses for skin: is it safe?
So what does baking soda do to our skin? It is safe cleaning product, but can it be used for washing scalp skin and hair?
Baking soda is a universal thing that has a wide area of application. It is used in cooking and cleaning. Baking soda uses for skin are also numerous. One pack of cheap baking soda can help in various situations.
Pay attention, that baking soda and baking powder is not the same! Baking powder contains acid.
Baking soda for hair wash is a great eco solution you have to try.
First, let’s think about why we should reduce using of shampoo. Many of them contain such dangerous stuff:
Sodium Lauryl SulfateDEA/DiethanolamineParabensFragrance
These ingredients may cause allergetic reactions and damaging of skin.

Maybe you think fragrance is odd in this list, but its presence at the shampoo sticker may mean thousands of chemical ingredients.
It is not necessary to remove the shampoos from your life at all. You can use baking soda in hair ones a week, for example.
People who already use soda claim that it makes hair softer and shiny. It also washes away all the remnants of hair cosmetics like gels and sprays. Soda makes you feel your hair extra-clean.
We, in our turn, want to provide you with some facts.
The scalp skin has a pH level of around 5.5, and the hair shaft pH level is 3.67. To compare – baking soda has a pH level of 9. Researches are sure that such big difference can cause:
cuticle impairmenthair damageskin drynessskin irritationsudden decreasing of skin fat level
So positive effect of baking soda for hair wash can be visible at first, but constant using is not preferable. As natural skin fat protects hair and washing it off all the time is not useful.

Also you have to abstain from using baking soda for hair at all if the following statements are about you:
you have dry or fragile hairyour hair is colouredyou often use hair dryer, curlers or anything where heat is usedyour skin is sensitive or you tend to have allergy
There are many benefits of baking soda – one of them is making your hair clean and adding great volume. Remember, that baking soda is not a panacea for hair problems. Try different beauty recipes, but do not overuse.

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