Re: Fake News About EFCC Grilling of Benue’s Firstlady, Dr Mrs Eunice Ortom


Our attention has been drawn to a certain news item purporting a six hour grilling of Dr. Eunice Ortom, first lady of Benue State, by officers of the EFCC over issues having to do with the Social Investment program of the FGN.

Coming from a source that lacks credibility – Aare Abiodun’s Nigeria Concord Newspaper, our first reaction was to dismiss it without a response, hoping that the discerning followers of this discredited outfit of falsehood propagation or Dr Mrs Ortom’s activities and persona would see the publication for the hatchet job it is.

However, due to calls from well wishers and the teaming admirers of Her Excellency’s efforts at bringing succour to the vulnerable among our people, we are forced to respond to put the records straight as follows :
1) Dr Mrs Ortom has no relationship with the SIP being an FG program with its staff and other due compliments. This clarification should thus put paid to the various allegations of sleaze in the vexations, fake reports.

2)At no time was Her Excellency invited by EFCC or any law enforcement agency over issues of corruption or misdemeanor. Her numerous bouquet of friends, family and associates should thus be rest assured that Dr. Mrs Ortom is still the woman of integrity she has always been, and unchanged by her God-given and people activated elevation to her present position of First lady.

Perhaps, not minding the political mud- slinging intent of the publication, and viewed against the success of the ESLF, her NGO that has brought succour to thousands of people we would like to further state as follows:
1). The funding of ESLF comes form Her Excellency’s input and contributions from well wishers who believe in the NGO cutting across the smallest donor to big donors. ESLF is built to last beyond the life of the present administration of her husband, viewed against such collaborations.

2). Although licensed as a private, not-for- profit organization, ESLF follows due procedure and is open in all its dealings… a rare transparency feat for a non-regulated player in the country.

In conclusion, we want to state that Her Excellency would not be deterred in her doing good, targeted at the vulnerable in our society, scathing falsehood on her person or the works of her NGO not withstanding.

We believe that even in the serpentine atmosphere that is fast breeding vermins of pen hooliganism, for a dogged, God fearing person like Dr Mrs Eunice Ortom, the light would shine through all the detractions especially when crafted in the school of the now- trending buzzword of FAKE NEWS.
God bless the good people of Benue.
Thank You.

Shima Aondoakaa,
Press Coordinator to the wife of the Governor of Benue state.

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