2019: APC May Not Win Governorship In Adamawa.~ Sen.Geire

A chieftain of All Progressive Congress(APC) and former senator representing Adamawa central Sen. Abubakar Geire has adversed the National Secretariat of the party to stick to the direct primaries in Adamawa if the party hopes to win the state again in 2019.

Sen. Abubakar stated that the gratest rnistake the party would do is to allow the primaries to be decided by delegates adding that the process will give the governor advantage to pick the ticket.

According to him, ” the governor has failed the party and the people who elected him to office he has crated gap between the people and the government, he does things that is not in the interest of the people ”

“Any attempt to give him the ticket will spell doom for the party”

He stated this at his Dougaire county home in Yola while filing questions from some selected journalists.

He added the direct primaries been planned by the National Secretariat of the party is the best option for the state, he therefore called on the National chairman and the entire leadership of the party not to agreed to the excuse of security challenges being given by the governor to allow delegates alone to vote during primaries.

“Governor Bindow has created a big gap between himself, the political class and the masses and as such if allowed to be our candidate, APC will surely lose the State in 209”

“Today I can tell you the Governor has failed, he neglected the basic things which are Education, Health care and Social Welfare of the people,. In Adamawa State today, the educational profile that was on the rise before he came in has dropped, there are no good infrastructure, teachers welfare is zero.”

According him the “hospitals are not working, go to the rural areas health care facilities are nothing to write home about, no drugs, the workers are owned salaries for months now.

“You cannot take away from the fact that he constructed roads but this is not the priority of the people, who will use the roads when he has succeeded in impoverishing the masses”.

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