2019 In Focus : The Shifting Ground In Nigeria Politics

2019 In Focus : The Shifting Ground Of Nigeria Politics

There comes a time you have to put your country ahead of political party.

there comes a time you have to put your state ahead of a political party

There comes a time you have to put your local council ahead of a political party

Is not about being partisan but the greater good of the people irrespective of political affiliations.

No matter how good a party manifesto is, without a good leader with integrity and vision the party fails.

Men of good will with proven leadership qualities, who have the fear of God and love for humanity are the drivers of any successful government.

My support is for people with proven leadership quality not party affiliation.

Nigeria political landscape is witnessing one of the worst dramas of defection in our political history simply because of personal interest over national interest.

You may choose to argue on this, but still does not take the fact away from truth. It is a very funny scenario to see supporters of a certain political party changes their tune the moment the person whom they support switch lanes to another political Party.

Needless to say the lest, ideology has no place to when it comes to political faithfuls in Nigeria. If you doubt me, show me one political party that has stood the test of time in Nigeria! Politics is not perfect anywhere, but in America or some European countries, you could point a finger at a political party or dynasty.

On a personal note, am rooting for individuals to whom I know bit history of and their political vision. So, if you see me supporting different persons running on different political platforms don’t be quick to judge – (the only way to catch a monkey,, you must first learn how to jump a tree without falling).

Bring on 2019.

Chris Waya writes from Abuja

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