EXCLUSIVE: Prof. Barns Anger Speaks On Why He Accepted To Serve.

The Newly Appointed Rector, Alfred Torkula College Of Advanced And Professional Studies(ATCAPS), Benue State, Professor Barnabas Aondohembafan Speaks on his new Appointment.

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has appointed a new Rector, Alfred Torkula College Of Advanced And Professional Studied (ATCAPS), Professor Barnabas Aondohembafan Anger to take over from
Dr. Tyotom Keghku.

In a Question and Answer on the phone, Professor Barnabas Aondohembafan Anger told QUEEN AMINA BLOG (ivyukula.com),

“I was born right here in Benue State. Pursued both primary and secondary education here also.
I hold a diploma in law, a degree in political science, a masters in law and diplomacy, and a PhD in the same area.

Became a lecturer in BSu in 1995.
I rose to the rank of professor in 2014. While there I served as deputy dean of my faculty, coordinator of BSU security, and then until my appointment to serve as Rector at ATCAPS, was Chairman Security Advisory Committee in the BSU. I am married and blessed with four children.”

  1. Qtn: QUEEN AMINA BLOG wants to know how you feel about your new appointment.

[Ans.]Challenging, but worth it.

Qtn. What are the challenges?

[Ans.] Our society has challenges. Every sector is confronted by these. I haven’t assumed office yet. But being able to head a tertiary institution in our great State is humbling and certainly there will be challenges.

Qtn. What are your sets goals towards this great tertiary institution?

[Ans] The institution already has set objectives. I wish to pursue them without compromise.
As I settle on the job, I believe I’ll come face to face with realities I must address
At the end of the day I must justify the confidence demonstrated by our Governor in me.
Giving me this position means His Excellency has the understanding that I am able to deliver
I need to prove him right
This is a major objective

Qtn . But the question is, can you handle two tasking jobs at a time as in lecturing & Sphere heading another higher institution?

[Ans]. I’ll go on leave of absence so I’ll be good

Qtn. Aside the school’s already set goals, do you have any other plans of introducing sometime new to the school?

[Ans] There are many new things I’ve considered. I do not wish to speak about them just yet
But I have ideas in the area of creating a vibrant academic policy for more effective result. I believe this will unfold with time

Qtn. Finally sir, what’s your take on the suspected Fulani herdsmen’s killings in Benue, and what are suggestions towards solving this problem?

[Ans.] I have a take on the Fulani Herdsmen/Farmers conflict but I chose to say nothing at the moment


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