FULL MATCH REPORT: Capital League 2018 Match Day 3-4 in Numbers

Capital League 2018 match day 3 and 4 resumed on the 1st and 2nd September with 7 matches played in total.

Saturday Match

Due to the sallah break, fixtures for last week was put on hold until this weekend and largely due to Maraccana Fc team that had an accident while on their way from Kaduna to Abuja for their match game. For teams that had two games played both Saturday Sunday was to enable the teams play outstanding matches.

Rash Fc vs The FA

Match Day 3 started with a game between Rash Fc and The FA, a game that started slowly into a tensed games from both side. After 30mins of game time, Rash Fc won by 3-1 against The FA. Goals from Sulieman and Umar made sure they got the 3 points to move them up the league table. The FA had a consolation goal from bosquet.

Maracana Fc vs Royale Fc

Second game of the day was between Maracana Fc and Royale Fc, it was a game of total tactical display as both teams tried to outmaneuver the other. Great passes and hold on the ball made it difficult for goals to be scored. But at the end of the game Maracana Fc won by 3-1, Star man Mansur with a brace.

Budget Fc vs Shaagi Fc

The last game of the day was between Budget Fc against Shaagi Fc. Spectators had a filled day to some of the best team from Budget Fc, a game of total dominance to say the lest. Shaagi boys started very Strong but left their guard of the mark and ended up conceding 8 goals at the end with just one consolation goal from their star man [Victor] . Budget had a fun playing time with star players Erons hitting a hat trick and Suraj with a brace.

Sunday Match

Maracana Fc vs Panama Fc

The first match of the day was not what spectators had envisaged, Maracana fc had a walkover at first half as Panama Fc boys failed to make on the pitch in stipulated game time and the rules had to be applied. Match officials awarded two goals to Maracana Fc at the end of halftime. Second half of the match saw a Panama side making up from lost time for first half as they fought to get back in the game,but ended on the losing side. Match finished 4-1 in favor of Maracana Fc . Panama had a consolation goal from Eze.

Royale Fc vs Rash Fc

The match between Rash Fc against Royale Fc was played with an intense strategy from the Royale boys with star boy Jr doing all the damage. First half saw a good team play from Rash boys but could not convert their chances for goals. Royale had their man Jr, hitting twice to help drive the nail on the coffin of Rash Fc. Match ended Royally as Royale won 3-1.

Budget vs AIT

The reigning champions Budget Fc came into the match against the media giants to win. AIT boys were up to task as they went head-on to get an upset, but Budget were well prepared for any surprises. Five minutes of the first half saw Budget went ahead with a goal from El ni no, at the end of first half AIT went down by two goals. After the break, the media giants came back well inspired by their tactician and their keeper Mr Deji who inspired a comeback with two goals, one from Williams and Charles. Budget Fc were stunned but regrouped quickly to win the match by 5-2 with newly introduced start boy Musa getting a brace for the team. It was entertaining and s highly tactical match that fans jumping in excitement.

Great Fc vs Shaagi Fc

The last match of week 3 was expected to be a game of equal opportunity for both teams to pick points from the match as both teams are at par in terms of performance in the league this far. But the Shaagi boys were more determined to get 3 points than opponent having been gun down 8 -1 by Budget Fc on Saturday. They fought had and came out with victory by 5-4. Great Fc on the other hand did played with intent but lack begging chances to score. they can still take some pride from the game with scoring 4 goals.

Next week promises another exciting matches line up as we enjoys the rest of the evening. See you at Planet Futsal Utako, Abuja.

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