‘Nagging’ is a term that men created to get women down.

THERE’S ALWAYS A WOMAN BEHIND EVERY MAN’S SUCCESS: Nagging’ is a term that men created to get women down. when a wife is being respectful when she has a complaint, a husband should take her complaint very seriously.
She is trying to work with him to find common ground, and is willing to consider options that would make them both happy.

But if he were to call her complaints nagging, and encourage her to keep them to herself, he would be making a great mistake. He’d be missing an opportunity to solve little problems before they grow to become monsters. By trying to shut her up , he is not only being disrespectful toward her, but he is also destroying the good will she still has for him.
As a husband, you should address every complaint your wife makes with patience and kindness. You should enter into a discussion with her regarding every issue she raises, and do it without any disrespect or anger on your part. If you think that she has so many issues that you feel overwhelmed by them, organize them together and set priorities. Focus on the three that top her list, and when they are resolved, work your way through it.

When a couple fails to resolve their conflicts the right way, conflicts tend to pile up. And resentment also piles up. In those marriage, couples lose hope that there can ever be peace. But when a couple starts to attack the pile with mutual thoughtfulness, the very fact that progress is being made restores their hope. There’s no time like the present to begin resolving those conflicts in a way that completely eliminates nagging
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