Salary Of Governors, Deputies & Commissioners In Nigeria.

Nigerian State Governors are one of the highest earning political office holders not just in Nigeria but globally. Not withstanding the latest downwards review of salaries of political office holders by the revenue mobilization and fiscal commission, salaries of state Governors in Nigeria still ranks among the highest in the country and most of them are rated as the richest politicians in Nigeria.

Nigerian Governors are one of the most influential political office holders in Politics in Nigeria. In Nigerian politics, they are in control of the state’s funds and other administrative duties within the state. In addition to these, they are the Leaders of their party and they are also in control of the party structure in their respective States.

In this post, we shall highlight the monthly Salary of State Governors in Nigeria, the deputy state Governors and salaries of the commissioners. The figures are based on the data released by RMAFC.

The monthly basic salary of state Governors in Nigeria is about 2.2 million Naira. The monthly basic salary is in addition to other allowances and entitlements which can rise up to 5 million naira. The allowances and entitlements varies from state to state but the basic salary is the same across all the states in the federation.

One cannot really ascertain the amount carted home monthly by each of the State Governors since their allowances are based on their respective States. Though it is purported that Governors of the Oil-rich States and states with high internally generated income earn more allowances.

Monthly basic salary of deputy Governors in Nigeria is N2.11 million naira while the state commissioners earn N1.33 million as basic salary monthly.

Currently, salary of State Governors in Nigeria has been reduced compared to what their predecessors earned. This is because of the financial management policies adopted by the current administration of the country. The policy is not applicable to state Governors in Nigeria only, but other top political office holders.
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