BENUE:Gov.Ortom is the best candidate that can win in 2019 and he is ready to work for the people again~ Terver Akase

Chief Press Secretary to Benue State Governor, Mr Terver Akase, has said that Governor Ortom is the best candidate that can win in 2019 and he is ready to work for the people again.

QUEEN AMINA BLOG (IVYUKULA.COM) gathered from Sunday Tribune of October 21, 2018 that on the chances of the incumbent Governor, Samuel Ortom, saying that his principal stands a better chance to win next year’s election because he has been tested and trusted by Benue people.

“He has left no one in doubt that he is the right man for this job. Benue would have been in very big trouble if the state was in the hands of another person at this time. But God knows why He brought Governor Ortom at this time; a time that Benue faced a lot of challenges in security and the economy.

“Only a Samuel Ortom would have been able to steer the ship of the state away from the economic and security iceberg. And he has done that successfully and admirably and the people have told him that look, we understand the challenges that you face. We understand that at a very difficult time that the country ran into a recession, the allocation that came to Benue at the time you came was very low and the internal revenue from the state despite your efforts was not much.

“Putting the challenges side by side, they told the Governor that he has done creditably well, and we have it on record that the governor has gone round the state and the people have always told him this. So, in spite of the challenges, he has been able to do a lot in all sectors.

“Also, the governor has stood firmly for his people by refusing to betray Benue people when the state came under heavy attacks at the beginning of this year. He stood out and spoke against injustice and he stood firm until the federal government reluctantly responded by providing Operation Whirl Stroke which has done so much in securing Guma and Logo Local Government areas of Benue to ensure that some of the people leave the IDP camps and return home to continue with their farming activities.

“So, it is only a Governor Ortom that would have been able to resist injustice; to speak in the face of oppression, criticism and intimidation that herdsmen are invading our communities and what they are doing is wrong. And this is why Benue people are happy that at last, they have been able to find a governor who is not willing to betray their trust or throw away the mandate they unanimously gave him. A governor who is willing to stay and look at the problems of Benue. A governor who is telling workers of the state the true financial situation; a governor who has put the books on the table and told the people about the wage bill of the state. The wage bill of Benue is the highest in northern Nigeria.

“Governor Ortom is the best candidate that can win in 2019 and he is ready to work for the people again and we believe that they are giving him the second mandate and he is ready to serve the people of Benue. That is the only thing he knows to do now. He is serving God and serving the people of Benue State,” Akase said.

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