Why I want to govern Oyo State —SDP gov candidate

Bolaji Ayorinde (SAN) is the standard bearer of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) for the 2019 gubernatorial election in Oyo State. He speaks with YEJIDE GBENGA-OGUNDARE on his emergence, vision and role of every individual in politics and governance.
How do you feel emerging as the standard bearer of the SDP?

In the next few months, the 2019 general elections will come upon us. I am running for the exalted office of Governor of Oyo State, the Pacesetter State and our dear state on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the same platform upon which Late Chief MKO Abiola won the annulled June 12, 1993 Presidential Elections. I am proud to be running on this platform. I am grateful to the members of the party who have found me worthy to run on their ticket and mandate.

Going into official campaigns, can you share your thoughts on the awareness of your candidacy and what you stand for?

In the coming months we shall be faced with challenges that only the Grace of God and the minds, attitude and determination of the good people of our dear State can surmount and overcome. Already there is talk of the massive war chest to be deployed in this race. I ask the question: why do you need a massive war chest to achieve victory in an election to present yourself for service. Yes the logistics of travels, securing the services of agents and perhaps the funding of media access to propagate your ideas will require adequate funding but not the unholy figures that they talk about. Therefore I appeal to our leaders of thought, our educated elite and opinion leaders, I appeal to our enlightened youths and all that want the best for our dear State to consider all the parameters and weigh the options available. You can lead and influence the masses. Holes dug in spending N10 billion to secure an election victory will be filled by such victor in government with our collective resources. Let us change the narrative over the next few months.

Growing up, one came across the odd beggar or street urchin. Now our towns and villages are filled up with tens of thousands of men and women now popularly called Area boys and girls. These are young people whose destinies can still be changed for the better. None of us wish this for our children. We should search ourselves whether we want a continuation of a system that encourages servitude of the masses, a system that produces Area boys and girls in tens of thousands. It is going to be very tough. Both the elites and the masses have to break the mentality that cedes power to oppressors and emperors who take over Government with money. Our Jailors should not be our heroes and our captors should not be our role models. We have a responsibility to make a change now on how the resource of our dear state is deployed so that we can emancipate our people. Their freedom from oppression can only make our dear state a better place even for us. Let us not fear that patronages will cease if we take a stand, we all a have a greater responsibility to our children, the youth of our dear state and generations unborn.

What are your plans?

I will be sharing my ideas on education, agriculture, impactful infrastructural development, the rule of law, revenue generation and budgeting, the civil service, health care, housing, tourism and other segments of government in the next few days. My views are totally in line with the manifesto of the SDP which is premised on good governance and social justice for all.

I have also looked at some brilliant ideas being suggested and propagated by some other progressive platforms and this conversation must be inclusive in order to take our dear State to the next and desired level. In doing the above I also welcome ideas on governance on the different segments of government. I am encouraging this bipartisan approach so that we can jointly achieve the best. The Government that I intend to lead will aggregate ideas, agree on policy directives and implement the directives to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders and the masses. I am presenting myself as an Administrator of your resources for the benefit of all. I do not intend to govern as an emperor or all knowing authority. Even the notorious security vote must be audited on a monthly basis and made public. It forms part of our collective resources and cannot be put in the hands of one person to disburse as he likes. You will have a right to determine whether such expenditure actually comes under the purview of security once published. It cannot be at large as it has been all these years. Please ponder on these and let us do this together. It is possible to collectively enthrone Good Governance and Responsible Government.

How do you want to network and penetrate the grassroots?

You do not need to be a professional politician to be part of this revolution. We will be sharing a link soon where you can identify your Local Governments and Wards. If you have difficulty with specifics, we have a team to help your enquiries. You will get information about our local government officials and ward officials who are already part of our structure all over the state. You will be able to support your local governments and wards with ideas and direction where needed. Your experience and participation in this process will be invaluable to this collective project. This applies to all of us who care about our dear State whether we have parental ancestry or we are deeply connected with our dear State. We all have a stake to turn our dear Oyo State around.

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