Your Excellency Sir,

I have been trying since your second year in office to see you and share some Revelations with you. I wrote series of letters but no response till now. I don’t know the qualification I suppose to have to enable me see my Governor.

I just feel like speaking some realities in parables to you because there are too many children around.

Anybody that beat, insult or disgrace his father or mother has an automatic curse.

Anytime a lion begin to cry for help, all animals must find their levels because there is no safety in the jungle again.

Lies are very sweet but they can kill later. Truth is very bitter but it can heal better, faster but later..

Many animals look like dog, but you can identify a dog easily when it has gone to eat what it vomited.

No matter how sweet the food tastes, you can not eat it again after you vomit it, no matter how hungry you are. When you try to do so, People will call you a madman.

It is difficult to identify a fool facially, but you can know a fool easily when he bites the finger that is feeding him.

In the world of fine arts, when you mix all the colors together, you will discover that there are only two colors in the world, black and white. These colors represent God and satan, good and evil, light and darkness. You cannot operate in the two and be successful . You must choose one.

Tiv people are the strongest tribe in Nigeria. Over four million people speaking one language but they don’t have one voice. We have the strongest colors on Earth but are not shinning. Because we choose snake (ikyarem) among animals to be our symbol. HOW?

There is no unity in snake kingdom, you can’t see three snakes in one place. Seen two snakes in one place to a Tiv Man is death sign. That is why there is no unity in Tiv land.

You cannot see many snakes following one snake on a journey to somewhere. That is why Tiv people don’t listen or have respect on their leaders.

You cannot see a snake keeping food for another day, it can swallow all. You cannot see a snake bringing food home. That is why Tiv people don’t have investment mentality. Even crops in Tiv land must be harvested and consumed the same year, no storage method.

Deadly venom is in the mouth of snake. It can kill through the mouth easily. That is why Tiv people use their mouths to destroy their brothers easily. The same way snake kill without mercy, that is how a Tiv man can destroy his brother without mercy. The venom in the mouth of a Tiv man is called : pull him down PHD.

Your Excellency, this is just food for thought.

My name is Bishop Dr Sam Zuga ( Jehovah’s Field Marshal) Benue State Gubernatorial Aspirant on the platform of Nigeria People’s Congress (NPC)

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