Villagers Refuse to Bury the
Corpse of Mrs Rachael Who Killed Her Husband, Nicholas, Their Three Children And Then Herself;
Ordered that the corpse be burnt to ashes without Casket.

By Lubem Terkula.

Villages Refuse To Bury Mrs Rachael Who Killed Her Husband, Nicholas, Their Three Children And Then Herself.

The Corpse of the Five family members depart Bishop Murray Medical Center Makurdi Benue state this morning.
Late Adetsav and his innocent Children where taken to Tse-Adetsav, Mbavur, Mbahimin, Gbemacha Ward Gwer-East Local Government for final burial where the husband family and other villages refuse that can not be buried.

The burial Ceremony which was scheduled to hold Monday, November 19th at their hometown in Gwer-East local government of Benue state.
Has keep the remains of Mrs unburied

Both couple worked with the Makurdi Local Government Council the cause of their death, most person have debated that it could be Propaganda payment of Salary

The deceased identified as Mr. Nicholas Adetsav Alanga was found dead with his wife Rachael and The children named Ngwuavese , Senater and Joshua. at their home in Vandeikya street, Makurdi, Benue state.

The attack began following a disagreement and the wife, who neighbours say has been known to be violent, went on a rampage. She damaged her husband’s car then killed her entire family before taking her life.

On the obituary, the husband and his three kids’ photos were placed with the words.
The mother who killed her husband, their three kids, and herself in a murder-suicide in Benue State, has been omitted from the obituary poster of the family.

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