The emergence of Atiku Abubarkar, (Turakin Adamawa) as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) flag bearer for the upcoming 2019 general election brought a different euphoria to the political landscape in Nigeria.

It wasn’t a stroll in the park for the billionaire business man, it has been a bumpy road for a man of such means; a highly connected Nigerian with deep pocket.

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Hitherto Atiku was part of the building blocks which All Progressive Congress (APC) won 2015 election .Atiku was a strong caucus member iof PDP before his sojourn into APC.

The choice of Turakin Adamawa leading PDP is more of the proverbial stone becoming the cornerstone for an acclaimed largest party in Africa.

The party had been in disarray for a very long time due to internal party crisis, and it became difficult fielding a candidate who could match President Buhari larger than life image for the converted Aso Villa. Before now, Atiku had been a silent operator under APC (perhaps with the hope of succeeding president Buhari) come 2019. H
is emergence as PDP flag bearer is a case of desperations from PDP, they couldn’t do it without going back to their vomit.

I said vomit because if the power that is had a better choice perhaps Atiku wouldn’t be on cloud nine.

To be fair to Atiku, he has paid his dues in the political bazaar. I don’t have a problem with Atiku as a person; I do have a problem with his antecedence when it comes to corruption and his political vultures /hyenas that are waiting to feed on the cacaos of Nigeria. His calm demeanor doesn’t give him out like a trouble head of some sort.

Not forgetting his journey from 1999 till date as regards to our democracy. A chip off the grand master of Northern politics the late Shehu Yar Adua.

As you Atikulate, bear in mind the vetting process at which candidates emerges to occupy elective offices in Nigeria, the brand of politics in Nigeria is only made in 9ja, nowhere else in the world an ex- president announces a presidential aspirant as “president” before a vote is cast – OBJ is the chief town crier for making such despicable noise – surprisingly we as a nation sees nothing wrong with that.

From late Musa Yar Adua, ex-president Jonathan to the current incumbent, President Buhari were foretold by OBJ .

The question we should be asking Baba Iyabo, who has made him ‘John the Baptist’ over Nigeria?… all these names mention above are supposedly very good men with love for country but it is presumed failures and the chief priest with his shadow government don’t take responsibility.

TY Danjuma is part of a shadow government holding Nigeria on a the jugular, an ex- general who once claimed not to have known what to do with $500,000.000 when he sold off an oil block is very question able in a sane country.

*Nigerian Governors can pay 30,000 minimum wage

Until the issue of mass killings that has characterizes the previous government and the current government is addressed holistically, we will be running around in the dark without a purposeful l head way as a country. Boko Haram ravaged the better part of Jonathan’s government (still lingering in North East without an end date, till God knows when).

Herdsmen’s killing has shadowed all the strides of the current government of President Buhari.

All of a sudden, herdsmen attack seems to disappear off the major news radar! Those behind the iron mask of evil must be exposed to have a peaceful country devoid of terrorism; no doubt powerful cabal running a shadow government is responsible for all the killings and destructions of this great country Nigeria.

President Buhari would have been celebrating victory if not the herdsmen thing.

*Electric banking fraud to hit N6.1 trn by 2021-CBN

*ASUU and minimum wage

*FG awards N206bn contract for main work on second Niger bridge~ Fashola

*2019: PDP, Atiku are facings difficulty in raising funds for election campaign

Just like Jonathan, who accepted having Boko haram in his government when the bombs kept going off – a good man, but he was powerless to stop it.

The failure to publicly unmask the sponsors of these killers is the reasons some people are feeling “Atikulated”.

Was All Progressive Congress responsible for Boko Haram?

Is the People’s Democratic Party responsible for Herdsmen Killings?
What did GEJ refuse to do that cost him his government aside from “stealing not been corruption”?

What is PMB refusing to give in that is dragging him to the mud?
What price is Atiku ready to trade to have old PDP crooks fall in love with him again?

Not yet Uhuru -these and more question you should answer before you get Atikulated.

*Marafa accuses Yari of recruiting 8,500 youths to destabilise polls

*APC,VON Dismisses Atiku’s endorsement by Igbos leader

*Denmark, World Bank withdraws aide from Tanzania over right concerns

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