TRIBUTE TO GEN. ALKALI . By Umar Yusuf Gital

He was the Commanding Officer when I reported my first unit on passing out from NDA. I will never forget his calm and gentle voice when he warned me “Avoid telling lies young man. If you tell a lie today you will need ten lies to cover it tomorrow”.

The next time I served closely to him, he was the Second in Command and I was the Adjutant. The same calm and gentle voice “If you see yourself over working and always closing very late, check yourself, you are doing other peoples’ job”. Wallahi when I checked he was absolutely right.

The last time I worked intimately with him, I was Commanding Officer Admin and he was my Corps Commander. This time the voice was calmer and fully laden with wisdom and experience. “Yusuf, you will soon get to a stage in this job where the number of courses you attended and the positions you took or grades you made will no longer matter. Your relationship with others is what will take you to places”.

In my 26 years in service, I have never worked closely with a senior officer that is so COOL, CALM and COMPOSED. Rowdiness and rancour were never part of him.

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I am ready to swear that even when his assailants were dragging him to go and kill him, he never argued nor struggled with them….he must have followed them so quitely that if they were anything close to humans they would have changed their minds!!!

At last, the whole of your sins and shortcomings were taken off your neck by your killers. They made you a matyr and Allah has promised Jannatul Firdaus for matyrs sir. And Allah never break His promises!!!!

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