Unjustifiable reasons why women Cheat on their men for today 👇By Francisca Uche Godwin Okeke

Do you know that 98.1 percent of men Cheat on their wives???…

Are you also aware that 97.1 percent of women cheat on their husband???

It’s no more news that ladies/women cheat on their men…
I wish to focus on some of the unjustifiable reasons why women Cheat on their men for today

Searching for emotional connection-
It may interest you to know that Over 90% of married women today are very lonely in their matrimonial home, Most of which lack care and love by their husbands…
Most of the ladies are treated like a maid or slave in their home, thereby, using a side boo to fill in the emotional gap.

Lack of intimacy-
Most men are disconnected from their wives emotionally …Where by the make out with their wives only as means of procreation, No intimacy to even satisfy their wife sexually…
That alone can lead the wife out there to get sexual satisfaction..

The truth remains that most ladies basically are not keen about sex alone, But they want someone to get naughty with,gossip with,someone that ‘ll understand her without condemning her , if sex comes along the line🙄they probably won’t mind having a little icing on the cake.

Lack of sizzle-
some women just miss that fire, there is an excitement that comes with dating & newly married& after one year, Diminishing returns sets in…Please do not allow that fire go off… flirt with your wife ,it doesn’t necessarily need to be on the bed😞…Don’t restrict Sex to your bedroom alone…give it to her anywhere…the kitchen, bathroom, sitting room…

Need to Revenge-

When a lady feels betrayed by her partner,some of them use infidelity as a way to retaliate.

Most men feels the can cheat on their wives and she ‘ll never find out, but hell No,women are naturally smart ..Most women knows their men Cheats but choose to keep calm because she is out there to revenge by cheating as Well

Most women also cheat because of greed and selfishness…this type of woman are never satisfied with what the get from their partners…the are too materialistic and wants to belong …when their partners can’t measure up, the seek for side boo who will always fill up their account

The other type of women who unjustifiably cheat are those i call the akwunakwuna … the ones Prostitution runs in their syetem-
Despite getting all the care ,love, commitment and attention from their Spouse …they can never be satisfied… they are one leg in & the other leg out.they have unrealistic expectations, they want their husbands to meet their every needs.

Most men need a total reflection on how to rebuild their homes…you need to ask your self, what part did I play in it? Are you stingy with emotional support to your wife?..
She may feel abandoned and isolated. Remember, intimacy is not just about sex, it’s about emotional connections, commitment and constant communication especially when you are far away from her.
Learn to always communicate with your wife and always remind her of your love for her.

Have you betrayed that Trust she had for you?then learn to resolve and rebuild that trust again

Are you equal partners or does she feel exploited emotionally or practically? Then it’s time to have a rethink and rebuild that love and Trust in your Home

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