The Benue state owned transport company popularly known as BENUE LINKS has over the years suffered huge leadership and management failures, part of the problem is that the organization has been left to the mercy of some few focusless, egocentric and microscopic group of parasites who have refused to add any value to the system but rather continue to sap the little juice left of the company in the name of Atughur, this unfortunate but deliberate act has seen the extinction of government owned vehicles while the poorly maintained charted or leased vehicles take charge, this development is totally unacceptable and must be checked.
The company head office in Makurdi is totally unorganized and saturated with thugs who treat customers with so much contempt and disrespect, this is what you see in almost all their offices nation wide, it has become a norm where as a passenger, if you buy a ticket and you have luggage the company completely allow you to be harassed and extorted by these thugs who will always refuse loading your items if you don’t pay them what they want, this has been going on for years and I don’t want to remember my own personal experience, why can’t the company learn form other transport companies around, why will the company expose passengers to be ridiculed by men who are not direct employees of the company.
This morning a Bus of the company (see photos) left Makurdi for Abuja and because of poor maintenance before the police check point at Kadarko, the driver experienced a sudden break failure and in attempt to avoid hitting the other vehicles including trailers that were stopped by the police, Mr Williams entered the bush where he managed to stop the bus, all passengers on board were safe and disembarked, this took place about 3 hours ago and up till now the company has not sent a back up bus to come and convey the passengers to their destination, the time been wasted, the risk the customers are exposed to as the point where this happen is highly volatile, no one is taking it into account, I am sure no apologies will be given etc, this is where we are…

If I may ask, do the company has a mobile workshop to swiftly take care of such emergencies?

It is time the state look into the rot of that company and save people from avoidable risk and public embarrassment.

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