CBN Releases Full List Of States Given Bailouts Plus Amount Awarded!!

Central Bank Of Nigeria Releases Full List Of States Given Bailouts Plus Amount Awarded!!
1) Abia ( N14.152 billion )
2) Adamawa ( N2.378 billion)
3) Bauchi ( N8.60 billion)
4) Bayelsa (N12.85 billion)
5) Benue ( N28.013 billion)
6) Borno ( N7.680 billion)
7) Cross River ( N7.856 billion)
8) Delta ( N10.036 billion)
9) Ebonyi ( N4.063 billion)
10) Edo ( N3.167 billion)
11) Ekiti ( N9.604 billion)
12) Enugu ( N4.207 billion)
13) Gombe ( N16.459 billion)
14) IMO ( N26.806 billion )
15) Kastina ( N3.304 billion)
16) Kebbi ( N0.690 billion)
17) Kogi ( N50.842 billion)
18) Kwara ( N3.320 billion)
19) Nasarawa ( N8.317 billion)
20) Niger ( N4.306 billion)
21) Ogun ( N20.00 billion)
22) Ondo ( N14.686 billion)
23) Osun ( N34.988 billion)
24) Oyo ( N26.606 billion)
25) Plateau ( N5.357 billion)
26) Sokoto ( N10.093 billion)
27) Zamfara ( N10.02 billion)

ANAMBRA, RIVERS, LAGOS, KANO, KADUNA, TARABA, JIGAWA , these are the states that did not collect the bailout from FG. the governors were expected to use the bailout to settle workers salary and arrears in their various states, few of them did while some of them lavished theirs for unseen projects, ask your state governor about your state bailout before you start CASTIGATING President Buhari if Mr president refuse to give your governor or deduct from them from the new $2.69 billion Paris Club Refund.

wake up Nigerians ask your self appointed emperors questions, indigenes of these states mentioned should raise up and protest against their governors so as to account. Some are still owing several months salaries and pensions. Wake up Nigerians. .this is above partisan.

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