PDP rented crowd from Niger Republic for Sokoto rally – El-Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State ,Nair el-Rufai, says the crowd at the launch of campaign of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Sokoto state on Monday were “rented supporters from Niger Republic”.

Gov.El-Rufai photo

El-Rufai said this while delivering a keynote address at the launch of the campaign council of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at Murtala Mohammed Square, Kaduna on Tuesday.

He said the 2019 elections was between trustworthy people and thieves.

He urged the residents of Kaduna to vote en masse for the APC and show that they are in support of the ruling party.

“The 2019 general election is a poll between trust worthy people and thieves, between patriotic leaders and those who went to Abuja to loot our treasury. So, we have to stand up and show them that Kaduna is not a state that will allow them cheat the people and the masses,” he said.

“What we have done in Kaduna state in the last three years has shown that, APC as a party is the one that loves the masses and assists the masses, not party that will take public fund and share among the rich. That is why we want you people to go out and tell the people to vote President Muhammadu Buhari again.

“Thieves have ganged-up against President Muhammadu Buhari. Yesterday they were in Sokoto, and they rented crowd from Niger Republic just to show people that they have supporters, because Sokoto people refused to come out. So, when it is time to launch President Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign in Kaduna, people should come for the whole world to see that, it not Niger Republic people that are disguising as Nigerians.

“We must show that we are in support of President Muhammadu Buhari, and when is time to cast our votes, we should vote for President Muhammadu Buhari and all the APC candidates. In Kaduna, we will support APC from top to bottom.”

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