A Business man,and a Human Right Activist, Hon.Leonard Ikyem, has asked Churches to desist from aiding the Governor Of Benue State, Samuel Ortom to using Fulaniherds men killings to campaign

Ikyem Stated this on his social media handle, (Facebook)

” I detest the unholy alliance between CAN and Ortom’s government concerning the plight of the victims of the mass murder of our people. ”

“There is a woman who lost her husband in the Mbalon Church massacre who is always begging around our area for food. ‘

Adding that “I saw the lady with a baby of about a year and Three Months in my compound on the day the Church and Government organized a service for the remembrance of those killed during the church service in Mbalon. ”

“I asked her whether she was aware there was a service ongoing for the soul of her husband but she said no. ”

“No one has shown concern to the families of the victims who were badly hit by the killings.

CAN is only concern with campaigning for Ortom using the deaths of its members but has forgotten about the families of the victims. ”

“In a similar show of shame, the tombs of the 73 victims of January 1st, 2018 are still lying in a sorry state.

The graveyard is surrounded with bushes while the tombs remain uncompleted.
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Yet, the Church and Samuel Ortom are organizing memorial services in their honour.
How heartless and callous can anyone be if this is not it. ”

“The money used for the publicity of the memorial service alone would complete the tombs we are talking about here.

The blood of Jesus sold in bottles

Using the Fulani killings to win elections is not only barbaric but a confirmation that that this government has nothing to show to the people who massively voted for them in 2015.” He added

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