Atiku’s Money Rain, Trader Moni and Gullibility

Atiku’s Money Rain, Trader Moni and Gullibility

By Didy Waya

The much anticipated money rain when Atiku emerged as the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential flag bearer is beginning to wane off as election is fast approaching and the sky seems to be clearing up.

Three months ago I was caught up in the frenzy of buying Ghana-Must-Go bags after painstakingly searching for it. (for clarity, these are bags made from polyethylene which was nick named during the exodus of Ghanaians from Nigeria in the early eighties).

I had to take a chance of getting my bags, boxes, including the kitchen sink emptied just in time for the money rain.

But alas! It’s almost becoming one of those political abracadabra moves.

As the masses wait and yawn daily for Atiku’s manna to fall so they can fill their pockets, bags, houses and soakaway, it is obvious “Baba go slow” is the cause for the dryness everywhere including my pockets.

What about you?…. Never mind.

Less than three weeks to election still no sign of
Naira rain from the PDP sky, there seems to be dark clouds still as the few persons i spoke with all complained of the lack of political cash rain.

Professor Osinbajo is the new “star boy”, and money-god in town as the Trader Moni naira rain keeps falling in most parts of the country. The soft loan imitative is received with plenty hallelujah especially from market women and artisan who hitherto only pray, fast and bind Satan to access such a national cake.

I hear Trader Moni is part of the loot that the late former
Military-goggle-wearing president carted away to obodo oyinbo and from other executive criminals. Give or take we still have a long way to walk out from the wilderness.
You are gullible, am gullible, we are all gullible because the ‘Nigeria-ness’ in us died long time ago. An average Nigerian just want to survive and get by day-to-day. No b today we don dey wait
Since independence, we don dey wait

Please if you see Atiku, tell em say I don wait sotey i don the loss weight o!

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