Fake Man Of God Defrauds A Benue Lady in Makurdi.

Information reaching QUEEN AMINA BLOG (www.ivyukula.com) that Jennifer Luga was scammed by a Man Of God through Motorcyclist in Makurdi, Benue State.

Jennifer, the victim who broke the news to QUEEN AMINA BLOG (www.ivyukula.com) through a facebook chat that she

“On my way to the market from Kanshio i stopped a motorcyclist.
Shortly, we met someone who was asking for directions, the mororcyclist insisted we listen to him. ”

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“The man opened a bag full of money and showed us, that he was looking for a particular man of God, that he is not based in Markurdi, adding that he is looking for the man of God’s address for him to pray for the money.”

Again, the motorcylist who picked me pleaded that i should allow him to direct him, then he will take me to where am going to. ”

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“On getting there,behind Towering Tots Nursery and Primary school still within the vincinity, a popular school formerly known as TINY TOTS a man was passing by, the motorcyclist who picked me said ,that’s the man he was taking the guy to, the man started praying ,he said the money shown to us, was charmed, that iam affected by the charm, that If I don’t bring 50k for him to cleanse me, things will go wrong with me, he was also threaten me, if I tell anyone I will die.”

“That’s how I gave them 50k yesterday before I realized, it was 419”

More details Soon >>>>

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