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Rahina Idris is a certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach with the John Maxwell Team. She’s also a Behavioural Analysis Consultant and CEO of Ducis Consulting – a Leadership, Personal Growth and Development organization whose operations centers on closing the widely entrenched leadership skills gap in Nigeria. 

Rahina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information System from Salford University Manchester and a PGD in Childcare. She consults for individuals, corporate organizations and startups. Her trainings help individuals and organizations to authentically define goals and soar in a competitive business environment.

Seeing women succeed in their chosen careers, is of absolute importance to her, as she mentors girls/women on finding purpose, passion, confidence building, self-discovery/awareness, leadership and business growth. 

She is an alumni of the Nigerian Women Trust Fund Mentorship program. She is also an alumni of African Centre for Leadership and Strategic Development where she bagged the Leadership Championship Award 2019.


As a member Young Women in Politics Forum, Rahina strongly advocates for sustainable women empowerment and applies her willpower to aid women in internally displaced communities by providing empowerment and psychological support; education sponsorship for children, curbing social problems, etc. 

Her firsthand experience has given her deep knowledge, insight, direction and profound understanding of salient issues and the ability to instill excellence in people. 

She helps to expose people on real-life challenges and on how to live a more fulfilled, happy and purposeful life, which portrays who you are, what you think, and what you want to achieve and discover their potential, then take-charge attitude of their dreams.

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