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QUEEN AMINA BLOG (www.ivyukula.com) gathered from an aide to 2019 Gubernatorial Candidate of the All Progressive Congress, APC ,in Benue State, Barr. Emmanuel Jime that

Excepts in the judgement, how strange they were yet gave judgement against the Petitioner.

• The tribunal held that 1st(PDP) and 2nd (Hon. Sokpo) respondents motion seeking the tribunal to dismissed the petition was denied on the grounds that the petition has merit, yet still went ahead to dismiss the petition, how strange it is.

• That the Petitioner Hon. Barr. Joseph Ityav failed to establish the irregularities under crossexamination. This is a big lie.

• That the documents tendered by the Petitioner are relevant but he failed to utilize them. This is another flamezy excuse.

• That to prove your petition you must tender the results sheet’s in question, voters register, and card reader report. This is another flamezy excuse because the Petitioner did tender all these documents which the tribunal acknowledge in the first instance.

• That the Petitioner did call 67 witnesses in the 72 polling units in dispute but he should have also joined the people accused in the matter. This is not only absurd but strange.

• That the witnesses called by the Petitioner all agreed under cross-examination been accredited and voted, this is a big lie most of them were not allowed to vote, some we’re even sent away.

• That the onus to prove squarely lies on the Petitioner and all the documents tendered were dumped on the tribunal and not properly linked. This is another flamezy excuse they held their hands on.

• You dismiss a petition without awarding cost or asking respective parties to bear their cost. What an absurd.

I have never seen this kind of judgement in my whole life, it is clearly a black market Judgement, they technically justified been compromised. The end will justify the means, it is not over yet.

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