Education, a Tool for curbing corruption and social vices in Federal Unity Colleges~ Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba

The Honourable Minister Of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba has
said that education is a tool for curbing corruption and social vices in Federal Unity Colleges.
The Minister made this statement at the occassion of the 2019 annual general meeting of principals of Federal Unity Colledges held at the Airport Hotel Ikeja,Lagos from monday 11th to saturday,16th November, 2019.


Chukwuemeka also assured that the the Federal Government will continue to raise the quality of the Federal Unity Colleges and give every student equal educational opportunity to succeed and achieve his or her full potential.

” However, I wish to add that it takes more than the efforts of Government to achieve an outstanding secondary education system. It is clear, that unless we have Principals that are competent and committed to translating the Federal Government’s visions for these Colleges into reality by providing the right kind of leadership that will galvanise them into producing students who are ready to face the future with appropriate knowledge, creative skills, positive attitudes and social values, our efforts will not be fruitful.”

“I am told that before now, thought provoking questions have been put forward to you, I wish to recall and put those questions again: Are you providing the right leadership for these Colleges? If so why are these Colleges lowly rated and underperforming despite the fact that they are relatively better funded in the Country? Are the funds released to your Colleges so poor that some of you cannot even fix the toilets and make the school environment clean and conducive for effective learning to take place? Are you managing the resources that accrue to your Colleges from all sources in a transparent accountable manner to advance the welfare and wellbeing of your College, staff and students? Are you able to check indolence, truancy, incompetence and indiscipline among your teaching and non-teaching staff? Are you able to ensure discipline, Godliness and commitment to working hard and academic excellence among your students? Are you willing to answer the call to national service and give your best at any College whenever and wherever you are posted to? These questions were put before some of you in 2018 and today we should not be asking the same questions if we are to justify your annual coming together for stock taking.

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If your answers to the above questions are in the negative, then you should know that you have not been doing enough as Principals in our Federal Unity Colleges.
Furthermore, your appointment to the Colleges as role models cannot be by proxy, direct supervision is needed to actualize the goals and objectives of the Colleges.” He said

Further more, the Minister said that

“Your ability to interpret the policies and curricular in use in the Colleges are some of the determinants of your success in internal and external examinations.

The higher the quality of leadership that we offer in our Colleges, the better the performance and achievement levels of our students.”


Nwajiuba congratulated all the Principals of the 104 Federal Unity Colleges for having a successful 2019 AGM.

The Minister also appreciate the Director, Basic and Secondary Education and Director, Technology and Science Education for ensuring a fruitful deliberation and the continuum of this annual event.

The retired Directors that honoured the invitation as resource persons to inculcate best practices in FUCs, you are highly appreciated.
At this juncture, I immensely appreciate the hosting zone (South West Zone) for having packaged and hosted this meeting. My sincere appreciation also goes to the staff of Unity Schools Division of Basic and Secondary education Department, the Press and other invited guests for adding value to this meeting.

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“I believe that this meeting once again gave us the opportunity to reenergize as well as strengthen our collective resolve to make a difference and support government in all its endeavours to move the education sector forward.” He added

In his vote of thanks, Hon.Chukwuemeka stated that it is gratifying that we have come to the end of this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Principals of Federal Unity Colleges (FUCs) holding here in Lagos State.

Hon.Nwajiuba congratulated the 2019 AGM Central Working Committee for choosing this year’s theme which is “Education, a Tool for curbing corruption and social vices in Federal Unity Colleges”. This theme could not have come at a better time than now that the wind of change is blowing and the nation is putting all necessary measures in place to check corruption and curb the menace of social vices.

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