Being single not a sin,or Epilepsy

Being single is not a sin or epilepsy. Don’t let the INTERNET rush you into a SITUATIONSHIP where you have nothing; just a perpetual feeling of emptiness.
That cluelessness is the biggest trait of a situationship.
In a situationship, you don’t really feel single, but you also don’t feel like you are in a committed relationship.
A relationship is one of those things where you just can’t sit on the fence; it’s either you are willing to have a relationship with that person or you are not anything other than this wouldn’t pan out well.

People actually force themselves into relationships which they aren’t really sure of and some are even forced into relationships they don’t like at all, probably due to pressure from family and friends, or they are driven by loneliness , to prove a stupid point to frenemies on social media or because they just feel they should be in a relationship /Marriage rather than because they have seen a partner they like.

Situationships also put your life on hold, you could be dismissing other potential romantic partners waiting for your situationship to turn into something real.

The main reason why many fall for situationships is because they bring comfort, you go out on dates with this person, have sexy time, cuddle time, and enjoy the company of another. It seems harmless at first, until feelings get involved then what started as lots of fun, ends in tears and heartache.

Not everyone you meet will be ready for what you want. Eventually, the right one will come along! But that’s just how the dating game works. Dating is about meeting people to see how compatible you are with them, don’t force it, don’t overthink it and DO NOT SETTLE for anything LESS than what you want.
If they say that they don’t want to be “exclusive” BELIEVE THEM, then you simply part ways.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking that it’ll eventually lead into a relationship.
Because 90% of the time, it won’t.
And then you’ll realize that all you’ve done is waste your time.
Time, you will never get back, all for someone who doesn’t even want you, I know that one stings but when someone truly wants to be with you they will be, no buts or excuses.

If you know what you want a relationship, don’t settle for anything LESS.
If you want a friends-with-benefits situation, pursue being friend with benefits

Spare yourself from a heartbreak, don’t waste your time, and don’t stop until you’ve gotten what you want

If you are thinking of going into an enforced relationship, think twice.
Be calm until you find the right person.

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