Keyamo Sends Powerful Message To All Anti-Buhari Government, Calls Them ‘Butterflies’

The Honourable Minister Of State, Labour And Employment, Festus Keyamo SAN has sent a message to all those advocating that the presidency has gone on a rampage of silencing individuals and politicians who are anti Buhari and his government.

Calling them ‘butterfliessssss”‘, he passed across this message on his Twitter handle @fkeyamo stating that the president has no reason to silence anyone as those in question has already been silenced when they lost the election.

In his words:

1. There are butterfliessssss amongst us who think they’re birds. They shouted themselves hoarse against us during elections, yet the voters didn’t listen & nobody ‘silenced’ them. Is it after their ‘threat’ during elections is over that anyone would be interested in silencing them?

2. This President has NO REASON to silence those already silenced by the roaring voices of 15m voters in the last 2 general elections. These tiny bad losers are rather the ones who want to silence the voices of those 15 million citizens & govt has a responsibility to prevent that

3. The comedians among these butterfliesssss are those who drag in the name of govt into their private predicaments to whip up public sympathy. How would govt turn the public against someone who didn’t have the public behind him in the first place? What is there to turn against him?

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