SPORTS: NSSF visits Nwajiuba

The Nigeria School Sports Federation ( NSSF)has visited the Honorable Minister of State for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba (HCN).
The president, Mrs Olabisi Joseph thanked the minister in her opening address for the opportunity to meet with him as this goes to show his support for education is total in all ramifications regarding education for Nigerian youths

She observed the need to revamp all the critical roles played by the NSSF all through its inception ,except the lacuna which made it difficult to organize school sports for the last seven years. And because of this, some other organizations are taking what is righly NSSF responsibility. Another observation, NSSF body is under the ministry of education, but surprisingly some commissioners of education don’t seem to know that school sports federation is under the federal ministry of education.

She further reemphasized the importance of school sport ,for school child development, during her speech which she prayed for the honorable minister to look into some of the challenges bedeviling the sport body in organising sport competition that is critical for child development social and mentally.

In his response, the honorable minister thanked the NSSF President and members for the visit, and was happy to welcome them. He promised to look into their request on the issues raised according to the guiding norms of the ministry. He also said ,this should have happened long before now.

Chukwuemeka was concerned about their complain and ask them to understand the workings of the civil service in regards to some of the issues raised because that will give them a better understanding why there is a lacuna on NSSF activities on school sport in recent years.

Nwajiuba also adviced the visiting team to work hard for the growth and development of Nigeria as no country is bad because of its water, plants , soil or climate ,but because of its people, that only the citizens can make their country good or bad.He urged the visiting NSSF body to write to the ministry on the number of complaints formally so that action can be taken.

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